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About us



Sanghamitra is a legal entity registered as a Society in July 2000, under the Andhra Pradesh (Telengana area) Public Societies Registration Act 1350 Fasli (Act 1 of 1350 F.)



 A  few friends in Hyderabad with varying professional background but with similar interest in development issues met together in early 2000 and brain-stormed over what we could all do jointly for the sake of the poor and disadvantaged.  Our brain-storming identified Medak District as the most deserving district in Andhra Pradesh to undertake initiatives for development of the villages and of the people living in those villages.  (Medak District is one of the most backward districts of the State though it lies so close to the capital of the State). The district is backward in terms of literacy; health services; economic development; transportation; agriculture and  primary education. 


The poor in the villages could do with proper roads and are always lacking in water and sanitation.  The farmers continue to pray for rains in a rain-starved district.  And of course there were many other presenting problems.

 venkat pulla2006

What we saw moved us.  To start with, we needed to incorporate or register ourselves as a society or NGO.  We were unanimous that societal development in this area ought to be integrated and must build on the aspirations of the people living in these villages.


Their dusks and their dawns filled the next few months, and Sangha (Society) Mitra (the friend) India- was finally formed. Just approximately around that time they cheered us through our morning walks and clarified their issues through those deliberate discussions for planning what we could do together- what needs to be done right away and what could wait for another day . Another month perhaps? Our journey began with them.


A Journey through drought. A journey on those dusty roads. Of hope. Of togetherness in a cause.  We would work and build hope. Hope was the key word. Particular for the friends that formed the Society was the concept that development must be holistic and that we should work towards that integrated development.  Central to this commitment was that all our endeavours must be   with the people and not just for the people.



  sanghamitra presented strength based strategies 2006 conference in november  2006  This was historic for a small NGO Sanghmitra to collaborate with the Brisbane Instittute of Strengths Based Practice ( Australia)'s  Inaugural global initiative.