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The Secretary of the Society is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Society.   This position is held by Fr. John Vattamattom SVD from the inception of the organizationFr John Vattamattom is a Member of an International Religious Congregation known as The Society of the Divine Word (SVD).  [ SVD works in more than 60 countries. ]


Fr John has a Masters in social work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.  He was the Founder Director of Andhra Pradesh Social Service Society, which position he held for 3 years prior to taking over the Directorship of the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) -- an Association of more than 3000 catholic health care institutions in India and perhaps the largest health care network in the world.  It was Fr John who introduced the concept of community health in and through the Member Institutions thereby bringing about a change in the thinking of health care services in India.  He continued as the Director of CHAI for nearly 16 years.  After which, he was made the Central Mission Secretary for the SVD in India for 3 years. 


Promotion of community health / primary health care; alternative systems of health care; primary level education; control and eradication of child labour and prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS are his current interests. 

Fr John is Member of a number of organizations in the country.   Contact :  frjohnv@rediffmail.com