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Strength Based Strategies Conference 2006


The Brisbane Institute of Strengths based Practices and Indian-based NGO Sanghamitra is organising this inaugural International Conference. The programme includes pre and post conference institutes two days before and following the conference.

It aims to create a global interconnectedness between people seeking solutions for their local problems. It promotes a resilience approach as opposed to simply meeting deficits. The Conference does not raise the question as to “what problems do we have?” Instead it raises the question “what strengths do we have which allowed us to remain resilient despite the challenges we face?”


Unprecedented global transformations have occurred in the last two decades of the last century. Some societies are still reeling in their aftermath. There is a true global hunger for principal leadership and collective wisdom that can actively re-engage individuals, groups and communities, in our societies. The search is on for strengths- based practices at local, national and global levels.



The presentations at the Strength Based Strategies Conference 2006 constitute current best practice and strength based accounts of projects and programmes, methodologies, styles, practices and results that are transportable from one geographical location to another.

The five conference streams are:

§          Strengthening individuals

§          Strengthening groups

§          Strengthening communities

§          Matrix of collaborative work

§          Strengthening human and organisational resources




Cover Artwork: We Are All Connected

 Original design: Duncan Williams

 Covers design: Dragan Bombek


The artwork on the front cover is based on an original drawing by Australian Aboriginal educator, Duncan Williams. The drawing describes the interconnectedness of all things; the sun gives life, wind (diagonal lines), and rain (dots), provide the air we breathe, and the water that is so necessary in an often parched land. The hand denotes the human interconnectedness with the environment and other human beings that is the mainstay of healthy community. The grass and turtles denote the flora and fauna that make up the world inhabitants. The painting was originally drawn by Duncan Williams as a gift for his mother. They have graciously donated its use for this conference related publications.



 TO purchase this book please contact sanghmitra.

to downlad papers powerpoint presentaitons please visit http://www.strengthbasedstrategies.com/